The next-gen Digital Twin Solution of Nuclear Energy System

Driving innovation at the intersection of nuclear energy and digital prowess!

Our uniqueness lies in utilization digital twins to get an overall view of the nuclear energy system. Dive in with us on this ​groundbreaking journey!

Our Technology

Merging extensive expertise in nuclear and digital tech, we craft cutting-​edge products that can break conventional boundaries. Our unique ​products are game-changers in the uncharted territory of nuclear in ​digital world. Join our challenge to make a difference!

Nuclear Energy System

We accurately virtualize ​nuclear energy system, paving ​the way for innovative solutions ​and planning future scenarios. ​With our in-house developed ​code, NMB4.0, our ​quantification and analysis are ​top-notch quality in the field.


AI : Artificial Intelligence

At the cutting edge of innovation, we're diving deep into the vast realm of AI research, crafting versatile machine learning models for both nuclear and non-nuclear applications.

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DX : Digital Transformation

Advancing the nuclear sector through DX. By utilizing distributed ledger technology and other state-of-the-art digital tools, we are dedicated to elevating the standards and efficiency of the entire nuclear community.

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We are in a pursuit of growth and innovation. Our journey is defined by the challenges we embrace and the milestones we achieve. As we move forward, it's essential for us to keep our community informed about our advancements.

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Obtained competitive ​research funding

This space gives you more ​room to expound on your ​message. Remember that ​writing effectively is an art. ​Start by using simple, ​everyday words people can ​easily understand. Be clear ​and direct to the point.

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Nakase Lab.

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Global Leading Innovation for Atoms for Peace

NEUChain project was founded by 3 young researchers: Dr. Okamura, Dr. Nishihara, ​both of whom were born/raised in the A-bombed cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, ​and Prof. Nakase, who resonated with their vision.

We strongly believe that Nuclear Has Unlimited Potential in the Peaceful Use, and ​that Our Small Efforts Can Bring Great Changes To The Entire World.

We are committed to Pioneering Core Technologies for The “Nuclear Innovation ​Chain Reaction in Atoms for Peace“ in Pursuit of a Sustainable World.

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Team members

Our vibrant team consists of 3 young motivated researchers of an average age of 33. Supercharged by collaboration and support from professionals across various fields,

we drive our projects forward with passion and expertise!

Tomohiro Okamura

Project Director

Nuclear energy system

Nuclear waste

Takahiro Nishihara

Technical Director

Machine learning


Masahiko Nakase

Associate Professor

Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Nuclear Chemical Engineering

Nakase Laboratory

Tokyo Institute of Technology

+81 3-5734-3846

N1-1, 2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo ​152-8550 JAPAN

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